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The Carousal in Winnipeg
Appeared in the periodical "Framfari"

John Ramsay the native Indian
Guttormur Guttormsson

A Farm in America
From an unpublished play by Stephan G. Stephansson

Winnipeg Icelander
A poem by Guttorm Guttormsson

How I got the better of the county council
A tale from New Iceland by Gunnsteinn Eyjólfsson

The language of Western Icelanders
Kristinn Oddsson and others.

- Indian Tales
Haraldur Sigmar and Guđjón Árnason

Indian Tales

It is generally believed that relations between the Icelandic settlers and the Indians were friendly and positive. Recent research by the Canadian anthropologist, Anne Brydon, shows however, that these relations were not without incident. An excellent example is that of the Indian John Ramsay , who ran afoul of both Icelanders and political leaders in Manitoba because Ólafur Ólafsson built a house on Ramsay's land north of the Icelandic River. Ramsay was forced to relent even though it was proven that he had legal rights to the land.

"But our countrymen were tough."
From an interview with Guđjón Árnason from Espihóll in Gimli.
From interviews collected by Hallfređur Örn Eiríksson and Olga María Franzdóttir among Western Icelanders in Canada and the United States (the Árni Magnússon Institute 1972-1973).

"Fussy eaters, those redskins."
From an interview with Rev. Haraldur Sigmar, Sr.
From an interview with Benedikt Gröndal (RÚV 1945).

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